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The World Hockey Centre (WHC) 

For over a decade, the WHC has been teaching this wonderful game to players of all ages and skill-levels in many different programs. Since then, WHC have seen the camps and the facility itself, blossom into the premier skill- development program in North America. WHCs philosophy is simple: provide a positive, professional environment; top quality professional instruction; lots of ice-time with a focus on individual skill; professional strength and conditioning coaches for dryland training; and a serious commitment to helping players progress to higher levels of the game. This program is designed for those players who truly understand the commitment required to get a step ahead of the competition. WHC has been very successful helping players achieve their goals, and they can help you.

The training 
Skill development and conditioning are the essential elements of WHCs training program. Endurance, quickness and agility are all finely tuned on the ice, while weight training, conditioning and off-ice shooting are a part of the dryland training. Off-ice, players will make use of WHCs obstacle course, ball hockey court, outdoor shooting lanes, weight room and spin bikes.